Thursday, March 27, 2014

So what's up with Las Vegas: it is the fifth circle of hell.

Chilling with my friend, Nancy, the other night I asked her to tell me her impressions of Las Vegas - while she definitely does not like Vegas, she spoke about some good places to go.  Later, after taping of course, she mentioned how Las Vegas tries to be this family-friendly place but meanwhile everywhere you walk is littered with advertisements for hookers and strip bars.  Such is life.

Oops! Wrong blog!

I wanted to post this on my other neglected blog, The Accidental Environmentalist, but forgot to switch.  Besides, Tears and Loaning is my new favorite blog (I am so fickle).

Because my subscription to American Libraries has been lost in the campus mail for going on two years, I rely on the email digest for library news and saw this really cool idea.  A library in Winter Park got a 2,500-dollar grant and used that money to purchase a veritable fleet of bikes for check-out.  They even have a tandum (which I once called a "condom" in front of my mom and her best friend - by accident!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My card...

Just realized imma have to bring lots of business cards with me to ALA!

Right? That's what I should do?  I'm feeling kind of clueless about what to bring/do/be while in Vegas.  

So, keep up to date with the blog because I'll be doing a google hangout with a couple of nice chaps from ALAAT (the acronym remains a mystery!) and other seasoned ALA Annual attendees.

Friday, March 21, 2014

So, what's up with Las Vegas: it is an oasis in the desert

My friend and colleague, Matt, allowed me to film him at the Research Assistance desk, in between patrons, to tell me about his experience with Las Vegas and how it will be a good fit for librarians coming to ALA 2014.  Then he speaks me some sexy French at the end.

Lonely Planet: Cheap Thrills in Las Vegas

Thank you, Lonely Planet, for lots of ideas!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Suzanne's advice

I have so many strong, positive women in my life because of my work in the George  A. Smathers Libraries - Suzanne is one of them.  She retired as a university librarian a few years back but she keeps in touch on Facebook.  Here's her advice in my Facebook plug for the blog:

She has inspired me!  Today I am rolling out a new feature to the blog, called "so, what's up with Vegas?"  First installment forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Registering for the ALA event

I need help deciding what, if any, seminars I should attend.  Doesn't look like there's anything related to implementing mobile reference in an academic library, and the cool, free tours are all sold out!

I really wanted to tour the Juvenile Correction Center Library and the Atomic testing museum!  Now I might need a press pass, since I'm blogging the thing and, hopefully, blogging this for ALA.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lodgings for Las Vegas Trip

Zen Center of Las Vegas
So, I said in the last post that I was going to be staying at an unusual place while I'm in Las Vegas - I didn't even think about booking a room, because that would put me over the top financially - I want to get to this gig with as little financial hassle as possible.  So, I was wondering what I would do when it occurred to me that Las Vegas not only has its own Zen center, 5 minutes from the strip, but it's part of the Kwan Um School of Zen, of which I am a member.  Talked to someone from the center yesterday and he was totally all like, "yeah, come stay with us - we have to charge a room fee but it will probably be something like 30-dollars a night."  Okay!  I can't wait to see this place - I've seen tantalizing images like the one on this post, but I'm sure it's going to be a visual treat, as well as a relaxing way to stay in Las Vegas.  And the best part is I get to spend time with my precepts teacher, Thom Pastor, who helped me take my first five.

So, Zen center, huh?  Not much room for shenanigans at the center, but there's still the conference!  I'm going to wear just a bathing suit while I'm there, because there is going to be beaucoup pool action there, I just know it!
Me and Thom Pastor, after taking my first five precepts

Going to Vegas Baby!

So I might be getting extra funding for the conference, which definitely sweetens the deal for me going to this thing - I was first hesitant to spend the money on a conference that I wasn't participating in other than as a tourist, but if UF Libraries gives me the funds for registration I've got lodging and planefare handled.  I will go to network and find some information on mobile reference at this thing!

I'll talk later about my lodging situation, a little unusual but it should be really fun.