Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Live Blogging

I'm all about liveblogging the ALA annual in Las Vegas, this year.  Think I'm going to try U-stream to see if I can upload iphone streams, and maybe BlogTalk Radio, I dunno.  I'd like to compile everything in a YouTube video, I think.  But I don't know, I've never live blogged anything!  I've participated in live blogs, but I wonder how effective a live blog will be at the actual conference - are people going to pop out their tablets or smartphones whenever I have an update?  It's different from the live blogs I've participated in, where you sit at your computer and refresh.

Oh, and here's a Blingee of Miley Cyrus I made for my student assistants at the library, before they left for winter break.

Student Assistant Fall 2013
autumn fall 2013 di51 pictures