Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My first Pre-Party! The ALATT Vegas All-Conference Pre-Party, that is.

I was invited to attend a pre-party pubcrawl the night before ALA Annual begins.  I paid a whopping 42-bucks for this so it better include champagne and a limo ride!  No, I'm expecting lots of fun and chance to see many places on the strip I probably wouldn't have gone to, otherwise.

The party is being hosted by Patrick Sweeney and JP Porcaro of the American Library Association's ALA Think Tank, or ALATT.  They are busting their butts to set this up so I don't want to disappoint.  A ton of people are going to this thing so get your tickets now!

Here's the link to the facebook page for the event.  I'll be looking around for more all-inclusive parties and will post about them here!