Friday, May 9, 2014

Zen and Life

So, I talk a lot about my trip to Vegas and how I am totally going to run the black jack tables and what-not, but I haven't really spoken about the other half of this blog, which is my association with Zen Buddhism and The Kwan Um School of Zen.  The truth of the matter is that I'm a pretty shoddy Zen practitioner - a kasa hangs up in my office, and eventually I'll get a chance to wear it to my local sangha practice, if I can get my butt over to the sessions!  But while I meditate every day and try to live the 5 precepts (although I know when to break them an awful lot) I'm still really up in the air as far as my religious beliefs and preferences.  I'm also a Catholic, although I am very much removed from the spiritual life of Christianity.

I'm hoping that my trip to Vegas will give me a chance to live and practice with a sangha for a week, and hopefully give me some insight into where I'm going spiritually, especially where I'm going with my Zen practice.