Friday, June 20, 2014

From the Schedule and Beyond: Highlights at #alaac14

Over the next couple of days I'm going to highlight events that might otherwise get looked over when planning schedules using the ALA scheduler.

The first of the events I want to highlight is The Library Games, and below is a description of the events happening.  I've added the description from the Facebook event site but it will be a spectator sport of watching teams of librarians play games in a winner-take-all Hunger Games style event (without the blood and violence, natch).  This takes place on Monday, June 30th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm:

First there were the Olympic Games, then the Hunger Games became all the rage. Combine the two and you get The Library Games! Four brave teams of librarians competing in several fast-paced, cut-throat events to take home the trophy and be crowned the champions of libraryland. Audience participation and voting will be crucial to the outcome, so make sure you are there to witness history in the making. 

Round 1: Lip Sync for Your LIfe -- one song/competitor (2.30 second clips)

Round 2: Flanneldecks Showdown -- large felt board, 25 random felt pieces, 2 minutes to create and tell a story on an unknown theme.

Round 3: Book Talk for your Life -- one book/competitor (competitors will be given a list of possible books they should be prepared to book talk)

Round 4: Battledecks -- four competitiors; 3 minute slide decks

Round 5: Trivia Challenge or an @midnight style type of event (TBD)

Between two of the rounds, 4 random people will be chosen from the audience to demonstrate Cards Against Librarianship.