Friday, June 6, 2014

Your Unofficial Guide to Fun at #alaac14

This might be considered a don't...
Haha, actually it's an article on INALJ today entitled, "Your Unofficial Guide to Socializing at the ALA Annual Conference 2014."  But "socializing" equals fun, right?  It's a great list of every social function on the ALA Schedule, where and when it's happening.  Check it out - I know which functions I'll be attending, how about you?

Also, this article also links to a handy-dandy do's and don'ts guide for ALA specifically geared for #alaac14. I was planning on walking around in my bathing suit the whole time, but the guide suggests that I do bring a sweater!  And don't forget to keep rockin' out!

One last thing, the do's guide suggests that if you Tweet you can meet your followers, but also don't forget to use #alaac14 so people can find you!