Sunday, June 15, 2014

What to pack for Vegas?

I've decided that I will take my medium LL Bean suitcase to check-in on the plane, and carry-on my Jansport computer bag with the heavy laptop and various cords and whatnot.  I'll do most of my blogging on the phone, but the laptop will help with editing and transferring any video or audio.

For clothes, I'm taking mostly skirts that won't wrinkle easily and are light - I have a TravelSmith skirt that I got at Junior League a few years' back that will fit the bill, and my beloved Athleta Whatever skort (if it were legal to marry an article of clothing, I would marry this skirt, that's how much I love it).  I'm allowing myself at least two nerdy t-shirts, and it's going to be hard to choose because they're all so nerdy and wonderful, but mostly I'll take my two Lacoste polos, a Hawaiian shirt, and a couple of American Apparel t-shirts because they look semi-professional when worn with a business-type skirt.

And, of course, my bathing suits.