Monday, June 2, 2014

Transportation options for Vegas during #alaac14

So, you're in Las Vegas, Sin City, the land of the bright lights, and other names I could make up for this bustling town - now what?  Transportation is going to be a big question for a lot of folks so here is a handy guide to links and resources for getting to and from and around the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Vegas dot com has a lot of information about getting around Las Vegas, and I just love Trip Advisor because they seem to have good reviewers and lot of excellent tips (if you're a Yelp-er, as well, there's also that!  I especially enjoyed the Yelp reviews about The Deuce, as pictured above, and I'll have to save the discussion thread entitled, "why does everyone hate the monorail?").

Trip Advisor also has a lot of great information about the RTC bus system in town and I'm planning on getting the 30-day pass and doing most of my traveling via bus as I have to shuttle a little further than most folks.

So, what about the monorail?  And why does everyone hate it?  Seems to be that it is only used by tourists and convention goers, which makes sense as the main action is on the Strip, right? ALA Annual Conference Attendees get reduced rates here.

Should also add a link to an article about the shuttle system that runs behind the strip, so if you're decidedly anti-capitalist about the monorail, even with the ALA-subsidized prices, this might just be the option for you although the map they have posted looks a little limited.  Still, it seems like a cool, tourist-y thing to do!

I'll update if I come across any other cheap and/or interesting transportation options in Las Vegas, but in the meantime - did I miss anything?

NOTE:  Thanks to commenter Mary, who reminded me that there is a page on the ALA website that gives you all the transportation information, including how to get the reduced price tickets (there is no promo code, just click through to get the reduced price)